Active Shooter Response
Jun 19, 2021 at 8:30 AM
Organizer: Ken Bowley

This training event is being presented by Protect His House training company. The students will learn:

  • Developing a plan and Forming a Volunteer Church Security Team
  • Is Your Church Covered? Are You Covered?
  • Dealing with a non-violent threat/De-escalation/Self-Defense
  • Threat recognition
  • Tactics for engaging an active shooter
  • Basic room entry tactics
  • Use of a tourniquet/Gunshot Wound Care

*Scenario Training* Students will participate in multiple scenarios using simunition guns and other top of the line equipment which is all provided by Protect His House (Team Role Play)

An hour lunch break will be allotted. Students do not need to bring anything with them.

Cost per student is $110 (includes catered lunch!) and seating is limited.