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EntreLife is a series of sessions focused on providing the tools and framework needed to launch and grow a blessed business. Sessions are divided into four segments that will be 3-4 sessions each and will focus on the different stages of the entrepreneurial journey. The first segment is a foundational overview of Business as Mission (BAM). The second is for dreamers looking to discover and launch their own business idea. The third is for starters who are working to get their business up and running. The fourth and final segment is for builders who want to grow their business to the next level.

Sessions will be on Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-8pm at Christian Life Memphis in the Student Room starting on January 9th.

We believe that together, we can go from business as usual to Business as Mission (BAM) and see the kingdom of God furthered by strong entrepreneurs who are connected to purpose and live in the flow of blessing.

To learn more about EntreLife, follow us @EntreLifeMemphis.

Session Overviews

Part One | Business As Mission

  1. The Virtue of Business (and the theology of blessing)
    Exploring the Biblical perspective on making money in business.
  2. Financing the Kingdom (BAM)
    Practical ways to connect your business to God’s mission.
  3. Living in the Flow of Blessing
    How to get into alignment with the flow of God’s blessing.

Part Two | Dreamers

  1. What’s Your Why?
    How to determine your purpose and long term goals for starting your own business.
  2. Choosing the Right Business Idea
    Discover the key factors for choosing the perfect business idea that fits your skills, passions, and future goals.
  3. Choosing the Right Business Model (Plus example business ideas)
    Explore how successful businesses make money and which business model(s) makes sense for your new venture.

Part Three | Starters

  1. How To Start A Business
    A step by step guide to launching your own business.
  2. Strategic Networking
    How to build a network of mentors, professional service providers, and centers of influence that can help you grow your business.
  3. Accounting Basics for Business
    Understanding basic business financials and accounting.
  4. Navigating Business Taxes and Regulation
    Introduction to how basic business taxes work and the importance of maintaining compliance.

Part Four | Builders

  1. Sales and Marketing
    Marketing strategies to increase sales and grow your business.
  2. Building Your Team
    How to hire, fire, and inspire an effective team of employees.
  3. Establishing Your Company Culture
    Explore the importance of company culture and examples of how to cultivate a positive company culture.
  4. Time Management
    How to manage your time to not only get more done but to do what matters most.

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