Christian Life Tabernacle, founded in November of 1974, was led for twenty years by the late Reverend Billy Lewis. Under his leadership, the congregation purchased the current facility and experienced steady growth for many years.

In the late 80s, we experienced several setbacks including illness that resulted in Pastor Lewis’ premature retirement. Meanwhile, the community of Frayser underwent a steep decline, becoming a repository for drugs, prostitution, robbery, and all manner of violent crime. These combined factors resulted in a steady decline of membership over the next several years. By the mid 90s the congregation was reduced to a core membership of less than 50 people.

1997 was a turning point. An outreach was started for the Spanish-speaking community under the persistent leadership of Reverend Julio May. This matured into a self-supporting congregation that recently purchased property and will host their own services.

Over the past decade, Christian Life Tabernacle has regained momentum. Vision has been renewed. Membership has increased by over 400%. Numerous ministries have been launched. Our congregation has become multi-cultural. To accommodate growth, we have purchased prime property in an area with more accessibility and a better profile. We plan to begin construction in late spring of 2016.